During the filming of most of this footage, I basically spent an entire day in a small metal aircraft in 110 degree heat! Was it worth it…totally.

We flew up down towards Mojave and Bullhead City (which borders Arizona) and looped around the southern bank of Lake Mead and observed the landscape transform from scorching rocky desert into the Colorado River and eventually be faced the gigantic rock wall that is the mouth of the Grand Canyon.

Things can get hectic out here in these Parks. Quickly responsive S&R (Search and Rescue) operations are crucial to visitor safety. The NPS Aviation program is an essential part of that. Take a peek at how Lake Mead National Recreation Area handles the heat!

The view from above sometimes is the key to seeing what lies beneath the surface…Here we have 70 years of American History preserved at the bottom here at Lake Mead.

At the end of Latino Conservation Week, our visitor’s center hosted a film screening about the 70th Anniversary of the B-29 Upper Atmospheric Lab Mission as part of Lake Mead.

So, drink lots of water, wear your UV protection, and throw a hat on that dome if you’re trekking the desert in the summer, brave souls.

Next adventure…. coming soon!

Aiyesha, out!



Written by Aiyesha Ghani
Aiyesha (Arowak/Taino & East Indian) was born in Maricopa County, AZ and has lived all across the globe since then, but has always touched base on the island of Borinkén (US Puerto Rico) where her heart calls home. In 2006, she completed a B.A. degree in Anthro-ecology and Global Development from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at NYU and has worked in the non-profit, private, and goverment sectors over the last 10 years. Prior to being selected for LHIP 2018, she was living and working in Miami as an artist/production tech/cultural advocate. She is passionate about facilitating sustainable development, preserving our waters (Love the Everglades and Debris-Free Miami), and protecting living cultures & languages.