So, my cornhusk doll-making skills that were featured in the newspaper last week are going to make it onto local TV. A local news station will be airing a documentary on Homestead National Monument of America sometime next week, and they wanted examples of different things we do at the park. A volunteer and I each made one, one with pants and one with a dress. It might only be my hands in the video, but I’m pretty excited that I’ve only been in Nebraska a month and I’ve made it onto TV and in the newspaper!

I tied my husks together at the pointy ends, then you can trim up the bottom to form a nice full skirt.

I’ve been making more progress on my project organizing the digital photo collection, and wrote up a draft for an updated Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) today. The park has SOPs telling how we should do–everything from how to ask for leave, to dealing with lost and found items, and how to deal with animals hunters have shot wildlife that then run onto park property. At the beginning of my internship, I had come up with a system for tagging and naming new photos, and my SOP outlines this process for park staff. I’ve had my supervisor and a park ranger read it over and give me feedback; now I just need to work on actually getting it approved. Writing an SOP feels much more official than anything I’ve done before, and I was intimidated to start on it. But looking at the old one and replacing those instructions with what I’ve been doing over the past few weeks really wasn’t as intimidating as I expected.

Written by Olivia
Hi! I'm Olivia Caro, and I recently graduated from Grinnell College in May, with a B.A. in Studio Art. In college, I enjoyed making book, video, and textile art, as well as taking classes related to Latin American Studies and Gender Studies. My love of books extends beyond making them; I worked in the Grinnell College Archives and Special Collections, and have a passion for reading. I try to spend as much time as possible outside, whether I am playing ultimate frisbee, hiking, or just bringing my projects to a sunny spot. After this summer, I will return to Grinnell for a 9th semester fellowship with the Studio Art Department. My current life goal is to adopt a cat.