Kayaking with Latino Outdoors and San Francisco State University!

A group of instructors from San Francisco State University recently partnered with SF Maritime to offer two weeks of kayaking in our very own Aquatic Park Cove. Ten different organizations from across the bay area came to participate in this very unique opportunity, braving the winds and currents of the San Francisco Bay. One such organization was Latino Outdoors, an organization dedicated to establishing a sense of community for outdoor recreation and conservation. As part of this effort, over twenty five participants organized by Latino Outdoors expansive network across the Bay Area came to participate in our kayaking program. And they were not disappointed! The vast majority of the participants had never been kayaking or even out on the open water in such a capacity. They were having so much fun that a lot of them didn’t want to leave the water!IMG_3649

When it was time to wrap up we took them out on a tour of the facilities where I gave a quick tour of the murals and the ships in both English and Spanish. Creating a personal connection between the community and the resources is extremely important since we should be able to see ourselves in the history that is presented and preserved. I expressed the role I played with the Latino Heritage Internship Program and all the work our organization had done throughout the country. They all seemed extremely interested and perhaps we’ll see a few of them apply for next years program!

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Moving forward, we hope to offer a kayaking program as a regular part of the San Francisco Maritime experience!