My time here at Fire Island has been a lesson of firsts. First CPR training, first lesson in interpretation, first canoe training, first time climbing the Fire Island lighthouse, first Polaris trip on the beach, first time conducting an educational program, first ride on a law enforcement boat, etc. It has been a fantastic 10 weeks and I am excited to be here a bit longer helping out and enjoying the park and the people I work with. I have learned so much about this beautiful place and will forever be grateful that it is a part of my home that I can continue to visit.11232947_968548866499873_7353406937788723438_n

My time here has inspired me to travel and visit other national parks throughout the country and eventually have a IMAG5495career with the park service (hopefully!). It has inspired me to appreciate the outdoors more and become more active in activities like hiking, camping, fishing and canoeing. It has also taught me that I am capable of much more than I first thought. These “firsts” are incredibly important to me. I find that I am most enjoying life when I have the opportunity to try and see new things, test my boundaries and experience as much as I can.
This past summer has allowed me to do just that, and I am so grateful for the opportunity!