Hey everyone! Last week I began to wrap up my research project for this internship. It’s been a great opportunity and I’m sad that it’s coming to an end so soon. However, I am excited to know that the research I have done on the Hispanic heritage of Route 66 in New Mexico is just the beginning of a larger and more extensive project. By the end of next week, I will have put together a list of recommendations and contacts for future research. My hope is that the National Trails office will continue this project and that one day, there will be a more complete picture of the individual families and businesses I have discovered. My time in this internship has only been the tip of iceberg of the great body of knowledge that has yet to be explored. Time is ticking away on many of the older people who have vivid memories of Route 66 in its heyday, so it is imperative that this project resumes as quickly as possible.

In preparation for my presentations both to the National Trails office in Santa Fe and at the post-internship workshop in Lakewood, I have started scanning Grants, New Mexico city directories with advertisements for Hispanic-owned businesses to show as examples of the Hispanic influence on Route 66 commerce. I am also collecting images of businesses and their owners from resources related to Santa Rosa and Gallup. I hope that these images will be the start of a larger collection of stories, names, images, and histories that together will represent the Hispanic experience of Route 66. This blog will be brief, as I want everyone to hear more details in my presentation! See you all soon.