Sharing the Joy of Archaeology

The PAEC Migrant Summer School

The PAEC Migrant Summer School

In the first half of my internship at SEAC, I have excavated at a prehistoric Native American site, studied and analyzed oyster shells for a climate change study, and cataloged lithic artifacts from the mounds at Ocmulgee, GA. Its been a pretty amazing summer. But I will say that my favorite part was sharing my love for archaeology with the community. I had the privilege of speaking to the PAEC Migrant Summer School about archaeology and the National Parks Service. With the help of one of the archaeologists at SEAC, we gave a brief introduction to the students followed by a two hands-on activities. The students were able to make clay pots using Native American coil techniques, as well as make rubbings of actual ceramic sherds.




The teachers of the school were very happy to have us give a lesson on local archaeology and I am confident that the connections we built will lead to future collaboration between SEAC and the PAEC school.