My second week interning at Cabrillo National Monument has been a most fun one. I’ve been able to work all over the park doing all sorts of things and with different people. One of these places has been our rocky intertidal, otherwise known as tide pools.  At Cabrillo, the tide pools see the highest tides and the lowest tides during the winter months, with summer being pretty bleak. Yet, this past Tuesday we had our lowest tide during park hours until late August.

Although the tide was not that low, we still had an influx of visitors. Lucky for me, I was able to be down there walking around and showing people some neat things. Along with the plant life, some of the animals I was able to find were a sea hare, California spiny lobster, shore crabs, pelagic crabs, plenty of sea anemones, and lots of smaller animals.

Pelagic Red Crab

Pelagic Red Crab

Sea Hare

California Sea Hare

In addition to working in the tide pools this week, I have worked at our education table down near the tides. At this table I interact with guest of all ages, informing them of the rules of both the park and the tides. I also teach them about the plants and animals that are in our rocky intertidal and that can be seen during a low tide with both real and plastic examples. Working at the table is one of my favorite places at the park. The only downfall to working here is there is a lack of cellular service, but having no service for four hours is worth it. I have a great view, I am able to meet people from all over, I get to teach people about new things, and every so often I also learn something new from a knowledgeable guest. Working down here is a hoot and a half!

Tide pool Education Table

That’s all for this week, thanks for taking the time to read, I hope you enjoyed learning about my week!