Research at The Midwest Archeological Center!

Library My research at the Midwest Archeological Center has been focused on working with manuscripts and reference documents to help identify climate change trends in the Midwestern region and also learn about the different cultures within these regions . The library contains about 37,000 reference items and texts that will help me understand the changes in the environment of certain regions throughout the Midwest. Understanding the changes with the usage of textual scientific data will help me understand what that the climate was like in these specific regions, especially Pocket Watchesduring the period of early Native American expansion. Some of these research documents date as far back as the 1800’s to the present day.

Having this comparative data is important to understand how climate influenced expanding human populations in the Midwestern region and also why certain populations no longer reside in specific areas, possibly due to the loss of natural resources. With the wide range of inhabitants within the United States; which date back to the Archaic period, we can see that certain native populations resided in specific areas that allowed their communities to thrive and flourish. However, changes in climate may have resulted in vast migrations to neighboring lands for some  native groups.

The pocket watches above are from the late 1800’s, and we can see the many different styles that European Americans utilized during this later historical period. Having ancient scientific data can help us understand the way of life from the past and by having 19th-20th century artifacts can also tell us the many cultural changes that occurred within the United States.