Kids gather and get ready to get their groove on with the String Beans band! This was one of the many events going on during Homestead Days. Many of our visitors got the chance to see a diverse set of activities. As for the kids, they had the cool chance to dance and play in sack races, puzzle hunting, and let’s not forget the Junior Ranger program! This was a chance to see how Homestead and the National Park Service in general are truly interested in promoting and hosting special events for families to enjoy.

As for me, one of my personal goals is to see a rise in diversifying the people who come to these events. How cool would it be to see Latinos participate in National Parks? Better yet, how profound would it be that we inspire more Latinos to become a part of the National Park Service? I know that our internship with Environment for the Americas/Latino Heritage Internship is promoting these very ideas, and I am enormously proud to be a part of it. We will make a change, sooner or later. We will get to our goal and chant “Si se puede” all the way till we get there.