C & O Canal National Historical Park Published: December 15, 2016
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The C&O Canal begins in the Atlantic Coastal Plain and crosses through portions of the Piedmont, Blue Ridge, and Valley and Ridge physiographic provinces. This diverse landscape, with the influences of the Potomac River, results in the rich geological, ecological, and biological diversity found within the Park's boundaries. Interesting geologic formations exist in the park such as Great Falls and limestone caves. A significant number of state and nationally rare plant species take refuge in the many habitats that the C&O Canal provides.

The LHIP Outreach Coordinator will work with C&O Canal National Park Service staff to offer new and continued opportunities for community engagement based on the LHIP 2016 team’s contributions and recommendations. It is our hope that in 2017 the LHIP Outreach Coordinator will continue to build upon their great work and establish strong working relationships with the park, volunteer supporters and partners to ensure these community outreach efforts continue.

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