National Trails Intermountain Region Published: December 17, 2016
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National Trails Intermountain Region works with partners across nine national historic trails, one historic highway, 24,000 miles, and 25 states to protect, develop, and promote these special places. The NTIR staff of interdisciplinary experts works with community groups, private landowners, nonprofit organizations, tribes, and federal, state, county, and local agencies to identify the resources, provide site planning and design, map the trail on the ground, and develop educational opportunities. Many of the historic trails administered by this office have strong Latino roots that span over four hundred years. .“Sharing Our History: Hispanic Legacies of Route 66” is an interpretive and educational project that will highlight the under-told stories of Hispanic people’s contributions to historic Route 66 in Texas and New Mexico.  Specific project activities will include reviewing existing research, interviewing community members, historians, and other knowledge holders to collect additional information, writing interpretive text, gathering images, and working with a team of historians and interpreters to develop a web-based interpretive product.

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