bostonBoston National Historical Park
Most of the sites in our park are located on the Freedom Trail. Through time, national patriotism and search for American identity have turned sites such as Old North Church, USS Constitution and Bunker Hill Monument into icons. It is the power of place, when one stands upon these grounds, that makes us realize the importance of these history­making events. It is humbling to stand in the room where Frederick Douglass spoke, or on the soil where over 5,000 men fought in the bloodiest battle of the American Revolution. You, too, can visit the place where George Washington and his army witnessed its first victory.


Lowell National Historical Park
Discover the continuing revolution. Lowell’s water-powered textile mills catapulted the nation – including immigrant families and early female factory workers – into an uncertain new industrial era. Nearly 200 years later, the changes that began here still reverberate in our shifting global economy. Explore Lowell, a living monument to the dynamic human story of the Industrial Revolution.

MA_OlmstedOlmsted Center for Landscape Preservation
The National Park Service Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation strengthens the capacity of parks and historic properties to manage cultural landscapes as part of our national heritage. Working in partnership with national parks, universities, government agencies, and non-profit organizations, the Olmsted Center provides a full range of technical assistance in cultural landscape research, planning, stewardship, and education.