park-entranceCasa Grande Ruins National Monument
Cultural Resource Internship in Historic Preservation/Archeology
Coronado National Memorial commemorates and interprets Francisco Vásquez de Coronado’s expedition and the resulting cultural influences of 16th century Spanish colonial exploration in the Americas. The Memorial preserves and interprets the natural and human history of the area for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.


NPS Urban Agenda
One of the country’s most famous landscapes, the immense beauty of the Grand Canyon draws nearly five million visitors each year. These visitors take in the sight from the Canyon’s rim or descend to appreciate the park’s spectacular recreational and geologic resources.


Archeology Program
The program is a partnership between WASO archthe NPS Washington Office Archeology Program, the University of Arizona School of Anthropology, and the non­profit Environmental Education Exchange. Through participation in an archeological dig and artifact analysis along with visits to National Parks, local museums, and university archeology laboratories students engage in the study of Southwest archeology from the pre­contact to the historical periods with emphasis on the Hispanic heritage of the Southwest.