Hi everybody!

This week ended up being so much fun.  One of the many highlights of this week was going to the fair with my roommate!  It was located at the south end of the town of Jackson.  There were so many people at the fair, it really made me so excited to be here and it also really excited me to see that there were so many Latinos.  I ate so much that night and enjoyed the beauty of Jackson, the town.  Also! I really fell in love with this Bull, I hope to one day have a bull friend in the future.


The second greatest thing that happened to me this was week was pretty epic.  I actually ended up hiking 8 miles up a mountain in Teton Village!  The whole goal of this hike was for me to makeit  to the top of the mountain where the tram would finish, and then afterwards if we made it up, we get a free ride down on the tram.  I really didn’t want to spend 32 dollars going up the tram.  Well that day, we ended up going up the mountain and a huge storm was coming that day.  We saw all the signs of the storm coming right at us and we were so stubborn! We really thought we could beat the storm while we were walking to the tram.  Well by the time we realized that we were in big trouble, and we needed to get out of the storm, we were already up like 85% of the mountain.  Out of fear, we decided to run down the mountain because we could no longer handle the winds and hail landing at our faces!  On the way down, we were just so tired and cold.  We ended going into this old ski resort. The door was swung open due to the wind being so strong.  So we just went in and huddled in a cold creepy building, and let me tell you, it was really creepy!   Luckily, while we were looking out the windows, we saw a construction worker in a huge truck come down the mountain.  I ran so fast out that building to ask for help, and the kind man was really nice and took us down the mountain.  I’m sure he must have been like, “you guys are crazy,” but he kept it to himself and took us back to Teton Village. I really didn’t realize how nervous I was in the whole situation, but we are fine and it ended up being an experience I’ll never forget!

The coolest thing that ended up happening at the end of this was week was once again hanging out with the pura vida kids. It’s so much fun being with those kids and just talking with them. They are so refreshing to be with!  We ended up hiking and playing team building games.  We talked about the importance of them being in the parks.  It was so much fun being with these group of kids.  The last thing we did was hike and take a picture of this whole group!  Till next week guys!