Busy days in the office consist of: rummaging through Point Reyes National Seashore’s computer drives to find the best images for the ranger book, continuing to edit the activities I am working on for the junior ranger book, and starting to translate the completed activities to Spanish!

It is an exciting feat to be behind this opportunity for a new audience and a new group of Junior Rangers. Who knows, it could also potentially spark an interest in kids to learn a second language. Languages are so important to every culture. As our world becomes ever so connected we should do our best to learn the unique methods of communication so that we can learn from each other and work together to preserve our resources. This is the reason that Point Reyes wants to welcome Spanish speakers. We believe that if we educate a child, we educate a whole family.

I just happened to visit NYTimes.com today, Sunday, the day I always wrap up the week and sit to write my entry. I am glad I did, because I found a great article about diversity in the NPS. The article, “Why Are Our Parks So White” by Glenn Nelsonjuly addresses the issue of the lack of attendance in parks by minorities and the issues that will come from that if the issue is not fixed. “The Census Bureau projects that the country will have a majority nonwhite population by 2044. If that new majority has little or no relationship with the outdoors, then the future of the nation’s parks, and the retail nonprofit ecosystem that surrounds them, will be in trouble” (Nelsonjuly, 2015). This quote really stood out to me because what is at the core of our work is our passion fornature, and connecting people to nature. So what will happen if that connection weakens?  This article reminded me of the importance of my presence and work here at Point Reyes National Seashore.

The NPS is working to develop a campaign that includes everyone, no matter what background or economic standing they hold. Because like Nelsonjuly puts it, “national parks are every American’s vacation home.”
_MG_5920Glad I have this view to look at at the end of the day!

Written by Ilianna Padilla
My name is Ilianna Padilla and I am a graduate student at Cal State Long Beach studying Environmental Geography. I love all things wild, being in the outdoors, and traveling. What sparked my interest in nature was reading literature that fed my imagination with beautiful descriptions of wild landscapes that seemed so distant for someone who grew up in a densely urban environment like myself. This is why I want to continue working towards connecting people with the outdoors because I believe that it is crucial to our own well being as well as the health of the natural environment. In the future, I hope to have a career in the National Park Service or run my very own nonprofit organization. This summer I hope to gain a deeper insight on all the great things the National Park Service foes as well as take part in their mission of becoming more relevant to all communities.